Recently, we were inspired by Simon Sinek, author of “Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action,” to define the “why” behind our role as a CPA firm:

“We’re here because business owners and governments need solutions to their challenges—not a commodity product. Through our dedication to teamwork, development and relationships, we will help our clients thrive.”

The following is part of a series illustrating our “why.” In sharing these stories, we hope to strengthen our sense of purpose—and to perhaps inspire you in discovering yours.

One of the family-owned manufacturing companies we work with made the difficult decision to let their controller go at the end of January. When a key role is vacated, it can significantly disrupt operations, especially in smaller, family-run businesses. Unfortunately, this often results in frustrated customers, employees and other strained relations. To help our client avoid this scenario, we quickly scheduled meetings within a week’s time with the company’s owners to listen to their plans for moving ahead.

Although the client’s business model called for a member of management to hold the controller role, the business had operated without it at certain times in the company’s long history. Because of this, they were open to alternative solutions that could sustain their vision and value proposition.

After listening to the client’s needs, we offered several solutions, including one for outsourcing the CFO role. We knew our outsourced CFO team would be a good fit, and the client agreed. We got to work right away.

With its diverse mix of expertise, our team was able to analyze the client’s existing situation, provide advice on a path ahead, and even offer implementation and execution strategies. Best of all, our team was able to hit the ground running—even though it was tax season. In fact, once we received the client’s blessing, we reinstated the company’s processes within a week (to meet their requested timeline).

Since then, we’ve continued to provide financial reporting and other support to the client’s existing systems and stakeholders. Additionally, we’ve helped employees better understand the company’s financial processes while increasing efficiencies. We’ve implemented better metrics and are helping to improve the company’s cash flow.

As anyone knows, change can be daunting. We’re especially proud that our work helped boost the owners’ confidence in moving ahead, and that we also raised the staff’s perception of management by preserving—and improving—key processes.

All in all, the company is healthier today and continuing to improve. And when we play a role in that kind of success, it simply underscores the reason we come to the office each day.

Until next time,