Whether you’re an individual, business, or organization, our people are here to help you solve your challenges.

We’re well known for our industry-leading ‘ People + Process ‘ approach that focuses on assisting clients in solving their challenges and exceeding their goals. Our young partner group brings fresh ideas to your organization, along with a passion for helping you find success.

You need an accountant. But you also need a trusted advisor—an advocate—who can ‘Go Beyond the Numbers’ to help you make sound financial decisions.

Learn more about who we are:

Jay Abdo, CPA, Retired

Jay strives to help his clients reach their goals and overcome challenges.

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Jack Abdo

Jack Abdo, CPA

As a Nonprofit/Business Partner, Jack oversees audits for businesses and nonprofits throughout Minnesota.

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Steve Anseth, CPA

As the Nonprofit Group Leader, Steve helps organizations succeed by improving their operations and internal controls.

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Andy Berg

Andy Berg, CPA

As a Government Partner, Andy helps local governments throughout Minnesota serve their communities more efficiently.

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Scott Danger

Scott Danger, CPA, CVA

As a Business Partner and Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA), Scott helps clients understand the value of their business.

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Stephen Dennis

Stephen Dennis, CPA, Retired

As a Valuation/Litigation Support Specialist, Steve specializes in determining the value of businesses and advising clients on contract disputes and other civil actions.

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Leah Davis

Leah Davis, CPA

As President of AEM Workforce Solutions, Leah develops customized solutions to help employers solve their people challenges.

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Jay Dunphy

Jay Dunphy, CPA

As a Business Partner, Jay empowers his clients with tax and accounting related strategies they can implement in their professional and personal lives.

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Brad Falteysek

Brad Falteysek, CPA

As a Government Partner, Brad specializes in helping local governments find creative ways to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

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Rick Francis, CPA

Rick helps clients uncover problem situations and overcome issues in the areas of audit, tax, estate, and succession planning.

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Kevin Kalal

Kevin Kalal, CPA, MBT

As a Business Partner, Kevin focuses his practice on providing accounting, tax, audit, and consulting services to businesses.

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Wendy Keenan

Wendy Keenan, CPA

As a Business Partner, Wendy gives her clients peace of mind amid the notoriously complicated regulatory environment.

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Scott Mason

Scott Mason, CPA

As a Business Partner, Scott helps family-owned and closely held businesses stay ahead of the game.

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Doug McDonald

Doug McDonald, CPA

As a Business Partner, Doug helps business organizations, particularly those within the realm of professional services, develop creative solutions for challenges ranging from choosing the right entity type to increasing business value.

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Jean McGann, CPA

As a Partner and President of AEM Financial Solutions, LLC, Jean develops creative, customized solutions to help her clients uncover potential cost-savings and operate more efficiently.

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Steve McDonald

Steve McDonald, CPA

Under Steve’s leadership, AEM has helped thousands of governments, nonprofits, businesses, and individuals throughout Minnesota find their path to success.

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Kyle Meyers

Kyle Meyers, CPA

As a Government Partner, Kyle finds ways to help governments and nonprofit organizations serve their communities more efficiently.

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Judd Nordquist

Judd Nordquist, CPA

As a Business Partner, Judd helps business owners with business and tax planning, mergers and acquisitions, cash flow management, budgeting, and overhead computations.

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Tom Olinger, CPA

As a Government Partner, Tom specializes in helping local governments find creative ways to serve their communities more efficiently.

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Chris Powers

Chris Powers, CPA

As a Business Partner, Chris specializes in helping businesses and nonprofits grow.

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Matt Ringwelski

Matt Ringwelski, CPA

As a Business Partner, Matt helps his clients incorporate best practices, such as cash flow management, budgeting and planning, into their daily operations.

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Tara Torseth

Tara Torseth, CPA, MBT

As a Business Partner, Tara focuses her practice on helping clients navigate matters related to trust and estate planning with ease.

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Victoria Holthaus

Victoria Holthaus, CPA

Victoria helps her clients better understand their finances, so they can confidently plan for what’s next.

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