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Management of your data is critical for firm growth. If you are unable to access your data quickly, you may miss out on opportunities to improve operational performance and drive growth. In today’s ultra-competitive marketplace, using technology and data to your advantage is critical.

Our Strategic Data Analytics solution for CPA firms is designed to focus on key areas that provide the most impact to your firm’s success – billing, utilization and cash receipts. Our cloud-based solution includes eleven different pages with cards and visuals for each of the key areas.  All reports are built using Microsoft Power BI and designed to be used with CCH Practice Management and CCH Axcess.

This solution provides real-time access that will lead to timely, meaningful and actionable insights, allowing your firm to quickly pivot and adjust to changing conditions, make strategic decisions in real-time and drive firm growth. ​​

You can harness the power of your data and get timely answers to some of the most pressing questions that help you make decisions for your firm.

  • What is staff utilization, by person, by department, and across the company for any given period, and how does this same period compare to the prior year? ​

  • Are we increasing hours and production year over year? ​​

  • How many hours and dollars have we billed clients each month and how does this compare to the same period last year?​​

  • What is our effective rate by staff/department? ​​

  • How do cash receipts vary through the months in total? ​​

  • How do cash receipts by department and line of business compare this year to last year (by month end YTD) and what is the dollar change and percent change?​​

  • What clients are most profitable? ​​

  • What types of projects and work are most profitable?​

Our data advisors know what it takes to access your data and create actionable insights. We know CPA firms because we are one. We were our own first client. When we set out on our own data journey, we were spending 30-40 hours a month, and much more at year-end, compiling our data. We decided to create a solution to streamline how we viewed information and to eliminate the time required to access it. With that in mind, we designed the visuals based on how we manage our firm. Now information is available right away with no spreadsheets or running reports. We have gained actionable insights in a glance that saves us thousands of dollars in expenses and identifies revenue opportunities that can be several hundred thousand dollars. Now we want to help other firms do the same.

One of the most valuable aspects of the Insights solution is the accessibility to our data in real-time versus the time-consuming process of compiling numerous practice management reports. ​ ​With daily updates in areas such as cash receipts, WIP, and other key metrics, we’re able to make immediate business decisions and identify issues before they become problems that lead to profit erosion.
Hank Wolfson​
Chief Operating Officer​ | Gray, Gray & Gray, LLP​

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