M&A Advisory Services

Growth & Strategic Planning for Business Transitions

The decisions you make during a merger or acquisition can be some of the most complicated—and consequential—you’ll face as a business owner. Whether you are just beginning to think about selling or buying a business, or are in the middle of a transaction, our advisors are able to help you navigate the process. We can help you capitalize on opportunities and mitigate risks.

Ideally, the process of selling a business begins long before the anticipated sale. Proactive planning and growth strategies can help capture the full value of your business. Our advisors help identify key areas that impact your business value so you can achieve the results you desire at the time of sale.

Whether you’re buying or selling, there are countless factors to consider as well as risks to weigh. This is why it’s critical to approach the M&A process with a solid strategic plan. Our M&A advisors work closely with you to identify your desired outcomes and draft a blueprint for achieving each one. From conducting a valuation to serving as your representative during negotiation, we support you at every step.

Do you truly know the value of your company? If something happened to you, would your business be able to carry on? Would you be ready to sell if someone wanted to give you an offer today?

These are the types of tough questions you must ask yourself as a business owner. Your answers are key to preparing for a successful next chapter. Our business advisors are here to help you get there.

Our M&A services for sellers include:

  • Succession planning

  • Buy/sell agreement consulting

  • Optimizing your business value for immediate or eventual sale

  • Buy and sell consulting, including letter of intent assistance, business valuation, and payback terms

  • Quality of earnings report preparation

  • Proceeds of sale planning and calculations of sale proceeds

  • Tax planning for transaction

  • Purchase agreement review of tax and financial sections

  • Due diligence in financial-related areas

  • HR/Payroll services related to M&A:

HR/Payroll Due Diligence Review and Seller Leadership Interviews

Employee Transition Planning and Communication

Seller Employee Onboarding

Compensation and Benefit Comparisons and Cost Projections (Buyer vs. Seller)


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Will you be able to achieve your growth goals without an acquisition? Are you open to acquisitions that would help you meet key objectives such as profitability or growth?

Our business advisors are here to help you address these questions and more. Together, we’ll outline a plan for where you are today—and where you’ll go tomorrow.

Our M&A services for buyers include:

  • Business valuation

  • Succession planning

  • Quality of earnings report preparation

  • Due diligence in financial-related areas

  • Purchase agreement review

  • Purchase agreement consulting

  • HR/Payroll services related to M&A:

HR/Payroll Assessment to Prepare for Sale (help sellers get their HR/payroll program in order to make them more appealing to buyers)


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We also work with investment bankers and other CPA firms as part of their M&A advisory teams. Let us know how we can support your clients.

Quality of Earnings Report Preparation

Whether you’re buying or selling, a quality of earnings (QOE) report is an essential component of due diligence. Our reporting services go beyond compliance to give you a clear understanding of your company’s or a potential acquisition’s performance—in much greater detail than a financial statement. By leveraging this information, we can help you move forward with a strategic sale or purchase.

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